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America is not the greatest country in the world subtitles torrent

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america is not the greatest country in the world subtitles torrent

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America is not the greatest country in the world subtitles torrent romexpo armin van buuren torrent


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To the surprise of the cast, a few Newsroom fans in the crowd reenact the opening scene to the Newsroom at PaleyFest. Why America is the greatest country in the world? Christopher L Webster. This is a clip taken from the premiere episode of the American television political drama series "The Newsroom" created and In today's video, we react to America is not the greatest country in the world anymore from The Newsroom First Time Watching America is not the greatest country in the world anymore" Thoughts?

Queen B Reacts. The Signal Productions. Douglas Murray and Peter Boghossian discuss why so many people are fooled by Woke ideology and why they go along with it. America is not the greatest country in the world anymore - The Newsroom Reaction Officialcammm. What makes america the greatest country in the world. Why is it not the greatest country in the world professor that's my answer. America is not the greatest country in the world?

The Newsroom Drama tv Asan. In this lesson, you'll learn English with news! This video is highly requested and in it, you'll learn key vocabulary, phrases and tips Forgive me for a small mathematical discourse, but have you ever heard of Variational Analysis? For a finite amount of points with more than one property call it a coordinate there is a natural rule of comparison. Now, the importance of a one particular ranking will vary for different persons which means that next we either have to solve the problem of a person's importance and comparing people is not a simple idea …or to give up completely saying "Every man to his own taste".

Even the argument about the amount of people migrating to US is not exactly valid as such a decision may involve certain non-social and non-political parts. Say, the climate here is milder than in most of Canada or Sweden which may attract people — but it has nothing to do with nation's greatness. Your strange idea of bringing sport into this dialogue is… well, strange. You're losing a point here. Speaking of each and every serve of a tennis player in terms of a nation would be equivalent to comparing the exact property of each and every member of the population in each scale.

No contradiction here. I am not going to discuss your ideas of stupidity, a simple quote here will do: "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former. Let's focus on the flaws of your replies for now, no need to split the topic.

Also I neither have nor plan to create a facebook account so I'd rather continue our discussion here. My preference is not to use time I can apply to fact checking to run down rabbit trails in thread topics. End of Side note. Now, to the flaws of your answers: I hate to have to hold people accountable for their own words, but… Quotes:. Now, good sir, you either explain me how at the same time one may rank at the bottom and hold all rankings No.

Latter… Well, I provided the mathematical references. I understand that you have more than one dialogue to keep up to but please take your time and make sure you follow the conversation. I think you know this is true, which is why you drew the other statement out of context in the attempt to manufacture a contradiction on my part.

The second quotation is a counterexample to your claim that it is not possible for one nation to be the best except subjectively. Just prior to my statement I had argued the absurdity of requiring No. This is the key to the argument: On the one hand you allow the legitimacy of comparing one nation to itself and finding one iteration better than the other. Those positions of yours do not sit well with each other. If a nation can be greater than itself at a prior time, then in principle it may be greater than another nation in the present.

And another nation after that, and so on. Was the U. My argument does not require that finding one nation the greatest is inevitably true in principle. It simply requires that a strong argument for the U. Use the form provided. Let me just say I support Bryan white and his arguments. However, Bryan and Arseny would be wise to start their own sites to provide point counter point. Was great to hear two people debate, and not resort to name calling.

BRAVO to both of you. And thanks. You and Lamont find fault with the facts, thus find the rhetorical point also to be at fault. You are trying to state the reverse, that since his facts are faulty, his rhetorical argument must also be thrown out. And it are those things that I find compelling. He calls out the GOP person for implying that the US is the only country in the world that has freedom. He points out that his generation is without a doubt the worst generation. Can we argue with that?

They are a generation that cares more about what goes on in Duck dynasty, or who got voted off the island, or which freaking bachelor got picked than they do about real issues or getting involved, or serving. Does that sound like the greatest generation ever? We stood up for what was right.

We fought for moral reasons. We passed laws, we struck down laws, for moral reasons. We waged wars on poverty, not the poor. We sacrificed, we cared about our neighbors. We put our money where our mouths are. We built great things. We made ungodly technological advances. We explored the universe. Cured diseases. We cultivated the worlds greatest artists. We reached for the stars. We acted like men. We were able to do all these things, be all these things, because we were informed.

Can they be argued? Do we still cultivate artist? Cure diseases? We have other states like MS and AL that are following suit. We are slashing educational budgets at all levels of government. Our funding for basic research is going the way of the dodo bird. We are leaving our poor to fend for themselves and telling them its all their fault, that I got mine, you get yours. Or, more accurately, I got mine, screw you.

We seem to have a permanent fear stick stuck up our asses and we are willing to sacrifice our liberties in the name of that fear. When was the last time we sent a man to space other than to ISS? When was the last time we built something great, other than rebuilding the WTT?

I could go on, but I hope you get the point. So, while you and Mr. His overarching point? Still spot on. A conclusion can be true while the argument behind it completely fails to support the conclusion. So McAvoy could completely flub his argument and his rhetorical point may be true regardless.

Of course we can ignore the rest of what he said. We were fact checking just one part of the McAvoy speech. McAvoy made a bad argument that the U. The failure of that part of his argument does alter the picture for the rest of his argument, of course. Thanks for commenting! Ahh, but thank you!

You see, if both you and Lamont had restricted yourself to merely fact checking, I would have had no case. But, you did not, you engaged in commentary. With your fact checking, I have no argument. Facts, after all, are facts. Would you argue that what is happening in Texas and the attempt to abolish evolution from textbooks makes us a great country? Would you argue that cutting basic science funding to dodo bird levels makes the US a great country? Would you argue that have the science committee in the house made up of anti-science people make for a great country?

Would you argue that a population made up of folks more concerned with who got voted off the Island rather than in substantive issues makes for a great country? Would you argue that our rush to do away with our liberties due to the permanent stick of fear stuck up our ass makes for a great country?

I can only assume then that you think cutting funding for basic research makes for a great country, etc, etc. If you do not agree with that, or with the prior statement, then, what do you agree with? Why, the facts of course. Except, facts are never black and white, they are always about context.

It is about context. Did you answer my question, Richard? If you want to talk rabbit trails to it to our Facebook page and knock yourself out. We expect you to stay on the topic of the fact check when your comments follow a fact check. The above by the way, is commentary. You stated as FACT, that it is wrongheaded. We measure. I say, see!!! So are we a great country, or not? McAvoy mentioned, as part of the subtext, divorced from the hard facts he quoted in the first part:.

But, but! We have the worlds largest economy!! That makes us best. We have the best higher education system for now so that makes us best! Never mind that the children we are now educating will not believe in Darwin, and those are the future of our higher education system. I will finish with this. If you do not, then one can only assume that contrary to your stated preference, that you are in fact, interested in rabbit trails. Well, except for the speed of light, and even that is up for debate.

If you ignore the context, you ignore everything. Conclusions are neither valid or invalid. They are either true or not true, and either follow from an argument valid or do not follow from an argument invalid. What a clever edit. Are we supposed to ignore the fact that the full quotation makes nonsense of what you wrote just after?

Or are you not stating that facts are never black and white as a matter of fact? We evaluated those facts since I expected people were interested. His argument was invalid. We made no attempt to address that portion of the argument. And how clever of you. Since you have now proved that his facts were in fact, not facts, you can rest comfortable in stating that the rest is false too.

Post hoc ergo propter hoc. His argument was invalid.. His argument however, you have done nothing to disprove. Your previous post I removed and reprinted in full, featured at Facebook. Please try to respect our policy of keeping comments reasonably restricted to the subject matter of the original article. You argue that facts are not black and white. And I can argue my position on facts without ending up with a self-contradiction.

They could even be gray, if there existed such a thing as a gray fact. Regardless of that, his argument was invalid. Another point that is important to take into consideration is how the underlying data was put together. I ran across this site because I was looking for the details of the stat quoted that we are th in Infant Mortality.

A pediatrician friend of mine pointed out something that really made me stop and question ALL cited stats… You need to realize that there is a big difference in how the USA vs. Hi, Alfredo. The sources we researched indicated that the relatively poor U. Of course, as we also note, the ranking in infant mortality came from a list presented in reverse order.

The lower the ranking on that list, the lower the infant mortality rate. I am using the Newsroom speech for my final speech analysis project for university. The facts he gave are correct for the data available at the time the speech was written. Things have changed up a bit since then. Like commented above some of the rankings given were taken out of actual context since they were listed in reverse order.

He was correct in that we spend the most in military spending. Our population has a higher ratio than other countries who believe angels are real. More Americans believe in angels than they do in global warming.

And we still have the highest incarcerated population per capita. Yes, I know this was a speech taken from facts and written for a fictional character, but there are still people in this country of mine that believe Jeb Bartlett from West Wing was actually President. If you think the United States has more people who believe in angels by percentage than any other country then you need to read our fact check more closely.

Is ranking No. This is messed up! And, that we are at risk of unknowingly slipping further away from whatever perfection looks like. We have lost our center and with it, our common sense. Did you pay attention to that part of the article? But seriously, thanks for the time in putting this together and teaching us a little bit about the dangers of cherry picking.

Hi Bryan, thank you for posting a fact check on the video. And yeah, a bit of literary license was taken. But can I share what I got out of this. Alot of your facts, in comparison to the clip, came in pretty close. I say this alot, there is a difference between facts and truth. A big difference. And truth is, despite the facts, America is in trouble. I think this is what the point of the clip was about. Getting away from the bickering between each other, fighting over trivial issues, and to quit walking around with our heads in the clouds and being real again.

When our southern borders is a leaking facet of drugs into our nation, backed by trained military soldiers. We are no longer even number one in the world economy anymore. I think it was about losing our identity as Americans. Which we have.

Jeff Bridges, on the video, said this. I got lost once, disorientated while on a hike. The first thing I did was make myself accept that. Then I knew how to fix it. I took my compass and set a single course and followed it.

I made it look easy. This video, does that. It makes it clear we have become lost as a nation. Every nation has problems, and some are worse than others. Is the United States on the wrong track in some ways? But I explain in the article why I addressed the speech. Having watched the show, I was curious as to how much was actually true. The outburst: One major problem is that he suddenly just jumps into the argument. A great deal of his response is an emotional reaction and is off the cuff — which, considering how long the speech is and how developed it is from an impromptu lecture, is rather impressive.

Could he have done it better? After the speech, his new executive producer keeps pushing him to find the facts and not present the story in the most sensational way but the most accurate way. Over the rest of the season, the news team keeps getting struck at from all sorts of media outlets about the outburst and the sudden change from sensational news to accurate news. She does. Is America the greatest?

But does it have the potential? I noticed no one was really commenting on why the argument only focused on the negative aspects or why it might have seemed a little incoherent. I hope this might have shed some light on that situation. Edit to add: One thing I should mention in reply to one of your observations. If you still have a disagreement with us after that, please post another comment expressing your revised views. On the next comment consider using something closer to standard punctuation.

We might be 1 in higher education, but who the hell can afford it. The banks are making bank on a college degree. Sorry but I find relevancy in the feeling of the rant, especially today. So it is attitude…….. But I do subscribe that people get the government they deserve.

I also subscribe that we as a nation have the means to recover from the bullshit we are buried in today. But thanks for reading and offering your opinion. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. The Facts Will McAvoy delivers his speech after a student asks the three-person panel why each thinks the United States is the greatest county in the world. Share this: Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to share on Reddit Opens in new window Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to email a link to a friend Opens in new window Click to share on Pinterest Opens in new window.

Related Posts Do U. Did Sarah Sanders say the diversity visa lottery system does not vet applicants? Fact checkers awry on Trump and nuclear proliferation. White Post author October 21, at pm. Jim October 23, at am. White Post author October 23, at am. Scott Arnold September 3, at pm.

White Post author September 3, at pm. Billy Davis Killen June 6, at pm. No the speech was meant as bullshit propaganda to mislead people with false statistics.

America is not the greatest country in the world subtitles torrent brave frontier ios mod torrent

Why America is NOT the greatest country in the world, anymore.


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Why America is the greatest country in the world? wait for it

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america is not the greatest country in the world subtitles torrent

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